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Bulk SMS/Emails


Bulk SMS and Bulk Email Services

SMS and Email marketing is an extremely cost-effective way to communicate with prospective and existing customers. The key objective of sms & email marketing for most businesses is to create “brand awareness”. Other major benefits of sms and email marketing include new customer acquisition & customer retention. Email & SMS marketing is the newest form of advertising used by companies to brand and promote their products & services to existing and potential customers.

Zahi Creatives Offers Bulk SMS and Bulk Email solutions for businesses from all industries and any size. Whether it be a Small Medium Enterprise(SME), corporate company, Government department, Recreation Clubs, Educational institutions, or non-profit organizations.

Zahi creatives counted among the best SMS & Email marketing firm in india and trusted Bulk SMS and Email reseller in Hyderabad, bangalore and other cities of SeemaAndhra, Telangana, and Karnataka. Zahi Creatives strategy is to provide a high quality messaging services that allow the clients to quickly marketize their ideas, products and services through their Bulk SMS, Bulk Emails, Short & Long Codes, API’s, Virtual Receptionist.


Zahi Creatives: offers Bulk SMS Marketing, Bulk EMail Marketing, SMS short code services, SMS long code services, Virtual Receptionist(Interactive Voice Response) services, API’s Intergration!

Featured projects

Virtual Receptionist is a Phone Service for your Business to drive more business with awesome features highlighted below:

  1. Welcome Message
  2. Multiple Extensions
  3. Call Forwarding
  4. Call Details
  5. Call Recordings
  6. After Hour Support
  7. On hold music
  8. Conferencing
  9. Mini CRM integration
  10. Click on Call
  11. Toll Free Numbers
  12. Vanity Numbers
  13. Number Portability

And that’s it!

But that’s not the end:) For Best Price and Quality IVR service call +91 9966789244 or Email us @ business (at) zahicreatives (dot) com.

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