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Social Media Glossary

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Algorithm: A process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem solving operations, especially by a computer

API: stands for ‘Application Programming Interface’ it acts as a medium for different software applications to communicate with one another.

Avatar: A pictorial representation of you in an online evironment such as blogs, forums or social network.

Blog: A type of website where the posts are arranged in chronological order with the most recently created pages showing up at the top. Topics and content can vary but generally range from opinions, helpful information and personal thoughts.

Cloud: An expression used to describe data that is exclusively store and accessed online.

Content Curation: The process of find, collecting and organizing content relevant to a specific topic done by a human for others.

Crowd Sourcing: The act of outsourcing tasks to a large group of people, usually an online community, rather than traditional employees or suppliers.

Crowd Funding: Sourcing capital for an idea, movement, project or business through a large group of people, generally an online community, rather than a few specific investors. Made popular by services such as kickstarter and indiegogo

Embedded Posts: An easy way to put public posts by a page or a person on facebook into the content of your web site or web page.

Edge Rank: An algorithm that a facebook uses to determine what articles should be displayed in a users news feed.

Embedding: The ability to embed different forms of media into a web page or blog. Commonly done with videos, slideshow presentations, media players and more…

Followers: People who have chosen to receive your social media posts.

Follow: The action required begin receiving a particular users posts on Twitter.

Friends: People that you have connected with and chosen to see their social media posts.

Geotagging: Attaching location-based data to social media posts such as photos, videos, text posts and more. Made popular by services such as foursquare.

Hashtag: A simple way to track topics and keywords used on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and Google+. Any word that has the # symbol at the beginning of it will be turned into clickable hyperlink that shows all other recent post with the same term.

Klout: A website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence via the ‘KloutScore’ a numerical value between 1-10

Link Preview: An automatic feature that displays how links will appear once pasted into a post on facebook and other social networks.

Micro Blogging: Short social media posts that are under 140 characters. This term is generally reserved to describe Twitter but the concept can be considered universal.

Meme: Rapidly shared photos or videos embracing a relevant cultural symbol or social idea, generally meant to mimic or mock.

Mention: Any social media posts that has mentioned you specifically by username. Sometimes this is seen abbreviated to ‘MT’

Negative Feedback: Refers to a meteric that measures the amount of people on facebook that hide your post, choose to no longer receive your posts or unlike your page through a facebook post. This is helpful for determining content that does not appeal to your facebook audience.

News Feed: The post-login homepage for facebook users that displays all status updates from people and pages they are connected to.

Podcast: An audio file made available for streaming or download to your computer or portable media player. Originated from a marriage of the two words ‘iPod’ and ‘Broadcasting’

Reach: Reach measures the number of people who received impressions of page post inside facebook insights.

SEO: stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and refers to the process of optimizing web content so it can be indexed and found in popular search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo.

Social Media Monitoring: A routine observation of specific topics, conversations and social media posts that are relevant to a business, person or organisations interests.

Subscribe: the action required to begin receiving a particular users’ status updates on facebook. Also used to describe the act of following specific RSS feeds and YouTube channels.

Social Bookmarking: A method for internet users to organise, store, manage, and search for bookmarks of resources online. A form of content curation.

Tagging: A special type of link that is commonly used to identify users in a photo and connects directly to their profile.

Tag Cloud: A visual depiction of the word content of Web site or user generated tags attached to online content. Typically displayed with more commonly used words appearing larger and less common words shown smaller.

Troll: Somebody who instigates negative activity on social media through their comments with the specific intention of provoking a reaction. Trolls should not be fed!

Unfollow: The act of ceasing to receive any further social media updates or posts from a specific users.

Viral: Used to describe photos, videos, or any other form of content that is circulated rapidly on the internet.

Vlog: A blog post in video form. Essentially any type of video content with specific topic that is addressed. Made popular by YouTube.

Webinar: An interactive web-based slideshow presentation with audio and the ability for guest to connect in large groups.

Widget: Small applications that perform one specific task or set of tasks.

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IDK – I Dont Know
IMO – In My Opinion
B2B – Business to business
B2C – Business to consumer
IM – Instant Message
PM – Private Message
DM – Direct Message
BTW – By the Way
ISO – In search of
OT – Off Topic
TMI – Too Much Information
IRL – In Real Life
TTYL – Talk to you later
OP – Original Poster
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
SSM – Social Media Marketing
PPC – Pay Per Click
SEM – Search Engine Marketing
SM – Social Media
#FF – Follow Friday
FYI – For Your Information

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